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Ask Jody Anything

Wednesday October 3rd / 10:15 am Pacific

Come with your biggest challenge. Leave with answers and tools. 

What you'll gain by coming to this call:

I don't know if you know this, but I am a mind-ninja. Come to this call and I will teach you exactly how to solve any problem you are facing. The solution is not what you think it is. It's something much easier. 

Whether it's your marriage, your child, your finances, your health, your self-confidence or that pesky sister-in-law... Come to the call with your biggest challenge and let me show you the way to freedom. 

Feeling shy? Feel free to join us and just listen and learn. Hearing real life scenarios is powerful personal development as well.  

Or perhaps you're a podcast listener and you have a question. Perfect. Come to the call and you'll have the opportunity to post it anonymously and get an answer from me live. 

And did I mention it's free? You're welcome. 

Get answers

Bring any problem. Big or small.


Learn from other people's situations and apply it to your own. 


Learn the steps to take to create the life you deserve.

"I'm feeling more empowered than ever, and I'm so excited for my future! I'm so grateful for the work Jody is doing. The world needs more Jodys!"


"I used to think that life was happening to me and all I got to do was deal with my feelings about it. I cannot describe how altered for the better I am after applying the principles Jody teaches. There is real freedom and peace to be found in this work."


Don’t wait. I only offer these on occasion and space is limited.