Stop Overeating


Jody Moore

What You'll Learn


To begin with you will need to understand the reason you overeat. It is not due to a lack of willpower or anything else wrong with you. During this class, you will learn the exact reasons.


Once you understand those reasons you’ll want to know how to put an end to this cycle. I will teach you the exact process I teach my clients to help them do so with minimal discomfort.


You’ll learn the #1 most important thing to eat when you are trying to lose weight. You’ll also learn the 2 things you should avoid.


Learn about weight-set-point and how it is affecting your current weight loss efforts. Of course, you’ll also learn how to lower your weight-set-point to ensure lifelong success, without struggle at your ideal weight.


There are many weight loss strategies out there and many of them offer amazing tools that can create effective results. But there is a reason many people are still not able to be successful or don’t keep the weight off permanently. I’ll teach you all of that during this masterclass.


How you can get individualized help from me to support your weight loss journey for less than what you’ve probably paid for any other weight program you’ve been in.

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